Virtual Bhakti-Bhavna December 11th 2020, 8:00PM

JCNC Religious



722 S. Main St, Milpitas CA

JCNC Bhavan and Temple is closed until further notice

Live Darshan 24/7 here 



Pranam / Jai Jinendra,  

JCNC is inviting the Sakal Sangh for the virtual Bhakti Bhavna, for all of us to be victorious against our karma.  
The best sharan is Prabhu Sharan- Prabhu bhakti, and even more so during this Pandemic..

WhenFriday, December 11th 

From8:00 PM to 9:30 PM

Virtual Bhakti Bhavna Link  

Bhakti Bhavna Led By : Nitulbhai, Prashantbhai, Kunalbhai and Harshil  

Sponsorship $101, Multiple sponsors are welcome.

Rikesh Shah & Padmesh Parekh
VP & Co-VP of Religious Programs
For any questions, please contact us @ religious@...



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