Shri Laghuraj Swami Dehotsarg Din, Bhavna, Navkaar Jaap, Mahavir Swami Kevalgyan Kalyanak


Shri Laghuraj Swami Dehotsarg Din Celebration

Friday, May 21 - Saturday, May 22, 2021

Jai Jinendra

Jai Prabhu

JCNC is celebrating Shri Laghuraj Swami’s ‘Dehotsarg Din’

Please join this celebration with your family and friends via ZOOM and take Dharma-Laabh. The program outline is as follows:


Time (Pacific)


Friday :   21 May

1.00pm to 4.00pm

36 Samadhi Maran Mala Kram

Saturday: 22 May

10.00am to 12.30pm


🔹Shri Atmasidhdhi Shashtra Puja, Bhakti

🔹Virah Pado: Link-Page 26


🔹Aarti, Mangal Divo: Multiple sponsorships available (Aarti $101, Mangal Divo $51)

(Please keep Aarti and Mangal Divo ready)

Please make payable to JCNC and write Shrimad Tradition in the memo.

Join and attend via ZOOM

Meeting ID: 830 3106 3333 Passcode: jaiprabhu 

Dial in +16699006833,,83031063333#,,,,,0#,,418529148

For more details please contact Pramod Patel (650) 222-7536

Mahavir Swami Kevalgyan Kalyanak

(Digambar) Friday, May 21, 2021

(Shwetambar) Saturday, May 22,  2021

Bhagwan Shri Mahavir Swami attained Kevalgyan on Vaishakh Sud 10 - 10th day of the bright half of the month of Vaishakh on the banks of Rujuvalika river sitting  in Godhulika Aasan (the posture assumed while milking cows) after twelve and a half years of severe tapasya and sadhana at the age of 42.

Digambar Abhishek - May 21


Abhishek followed by Puja will be conducted and participation will be on Zoom

Time: 7:00  am - 9:00 am on Friday, May 21

Virtual Venue:

Conducted by: Ashok bhai Sethi

Contact person: Anju ben Shah

Bhakti Bhavna

Friday, May 21, 2021

We have participated in many devotionally rich and spiritually absorbing bhakti bhāvnā programs this year. We are delighted to announce our next bhāvnā program this week.

Time: 8:15pm-10:00pm

Virtual Venue:

Conducted by: Kunal bhai Shah and team

Contact person: Anju ben Shah

Sponsored By: Sohum, Pratiti & Rajat Jain Parivar (Multiple sponsors welcome, please see below)


Navkaar Jaap and Bhakti

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Monthly Jaap for the month of May is sponsored by Dhyanesh Bagadia and Parivaar at the Jain Bhawan .


9:30 AM to 10:15 AM Meditational Navkar Mantra Jaap

10:15 AM to 10:45 AM Bhakti Bhavna

Virtual Venue:

Conducted by: Pravin Turakhia

Sponsors: Ajita and Shirish Sandesara (Multiple sponsors welcome, please see below)

Contact person: Yash Doshi

Sangh Sthapana Diwas

Sunday, May 23, 2021

On this day of  Vaishakh Sud 11,  the next day after attaining Kevalgyan,  Bhagwan Mahavir Swami during the 2nd sermon gave diksha to many including the 11 Gandhar Bhagwant and their disciples ( Gautam Swami and 10 other pandits ). 

Gautam Swami and other 10 pandits after receiving diksha and on receiving the three words ( Tripadi - Upanaiva, Vigamaiva, Duvaiva) from Mahavir Swami attained the knowledge of 14 purva, Jain Shasan got their 11 Gandhar and the Chaturvidh Sangh of Sadhu, Sadhvi, Shravak and Shravika came into existence. This is the day on which Bhagwan established the Dharma Tirth also known as the Chaturvidh Sangh.


Vaishakh Sud Chaudas

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Our other events in May are shown below in the table. Please take dharmalaabh by participating, attending it, and also sponsoring the event. Please invite your other family members and friends to participate and to make it a memorable event. Most events below have multiple sponsorships. Please donate generously.

May Calendar, sponsorship, and attendance information

Date & time




May 21 8 to 9:30 PM

Bhavna ($101 multiple sponsors) 

Anjuben Shah

to sponsor

May 22 9:30 to 10:45 AM

Navkaar Jaap ($101 multiple sponsors)

Yash Doshi

to sponsor

May 21- 22

Shri Laghuraj Swami Dehotsarg Din - Samadhi Maran Mala

Pramod Patel (650) 222-7536


Kesar Pooja


for a slot

Weekends 10:30 AM

Snatra Pooja ($101 single sponsor)

Parag Shah

to sponsor

Padmesh Parekh & Dr. Nikunj Mehta
VP & Co-VP of Religious Programs
For any questions, please contact us @ religious@...