Pooja Signup

JCNC Religious


The  Religious team have made some changes to our existing Pooja Slots, so that more people can take laabh of Kesar Pooja. 
We are opening more slots. We are converting all the existing 15 minute slots into 10 minutes slots. 
This way instead of 4 slots per hour, now there will be 6 slots.
Slots will be in the order of : xx :00 to xx:10  ; xx:10 to xx:20 ; xx:20 to xx:30; xx:30 to xx:40;  xx:40 to xx:50 ; xx:50 to xx:60. 

Signup Link :  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0d49a4ae23aaf9c16-shwetamber

Secondly we have also made the change to allow the community members who were not able to sign up for a Pooja slot; to do the Kesar Pooja - ONLY if the gabhara is vacant in between the pooja slots.

* Family/Person with appointment gets priority.
* It is required to wear a Mask (covering Nose and Mouth) and maintain social distancing protocol (6 Ft minimum) at all times while temple premises (including parking).  Please follow Covid-19 protocols.

If you have signed up for multiple appointment slots, please think about releasing the slot for someone else  in order to allow other families to take labh.

Rikesh Shah & Padmesh Parekh
VP & Co-VP of Religious Programs
For any questions, please contact us @ religious@...