Navpad Ayambil Oli Observance from October 23rd to October 31st, 2020.

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Ayambil Oli Tap

Aso Sud 7 – Aso Sud 15

Friday, Oct 23 – Saturday, Oct 31, 2020

Navpad Aradhana is associated with the Shripal-Mayanasundari legend. Navpad Aradhana is performed by meditating on Navpad and doing an Ayambil. 

In  Ayambil, only one meal is eaten each day of boiled pulses & grains without any spice, sugar, salt, oil, butter, milk, vegetables, or fruits. It is performed for nine days, twice a year. It is called Ayambil Oli. It falls in the months of Chaitra (March/April) and Ashwin (September/October). This is one of the most auspicious religious festivals.

Considering the safety of community members and following county guidelines during the COVID 19, JCNC shall not host Ayambil Lunch during Oli, however, we shall provide the following items for pick up between Oct 17 & Oct 22 to facilitate members doing one or more Ayambils.

·  Khakhra (ઘઉંના), Papad મરી પાપડ (પાપડખાર ઓછો વાપરે ), Chana, Chana Chor Garam, Chokhani Sev, Jiralu, કડુ કડિયાતુ,  Jiralu (આયંબિલ જીરાળુ), Balwan (આયંબિલ મીઠું )

Please fill out the  Ayambil Oli Food Item Request Form  by 10/7/2020. 

Note: We are exploring cooked food.

We will try our best to get all the above Ayambil items from India & to the fullest quantity required, however in the current situation we cannot guarantee.

Suggested Program-Schedule during Navpad Ayambil Oli:

·  Daily Vidhi in Gruh Derasar according to book or with guidance, 

·  Ayambil 12:00 Noon - at home or in a small group.

·  Evening - Vidhi at home.   

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Rikesh Shah & Padmesh Parekh 
VP & Co-VP of Religious Programs
For any questions, please contact us @ religious@...


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