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Maun Ekadashi

Maun Agyaras is considered to be one of the very auspicious day marking the 150 Kalyanak of the Tirthankar Bhagwan of the past, present and future.

It falls on the 11th day in the month of Magshar (Magshar Sud 11).


The auspicious day for observing Maun (silence), Paushadh, Chauvihar Upavas (Fasting), Jaap, Meditation, Kausagga, Navkarwali, Dev Vandan, Pratikraman, Contemplation of 12 Bhavna, Pooja( Worship), 12 type of Tap.

This year Maun Agyaras is on Friday -12/25/20.

The story of Suvrat Shresthi is connected with this day, which was narrated to Vasudev Krishna Maharaj by 22nd Jineshwar Bhagwan Shri Neminath Swami. 

Bhagwan Shri Neminath and Krishnavasudev :

Once when Bhagwan Shri Neminath Swami was giving sermon in the Samovsaran in Dwarka; Krishna Maharaj who always thought of doing dharma aradhana inspite of being a Vasudev King; bowed before Shri Neminath Swami and asked him “Hey Lord, being a King I am unable to find time from the responsibilities of governing the kingdom. So please tell me about one prominent -auspicious day from the whole year on which I should remain free from the governance of kingdom and indulge and immerse myself in dharma aradhana which will give me the best and maximum results and enlighten my whole life”

To this Shri Neminath Swami replied, “Hey Krishna, if you have a wish know of this kind day then the 11th day (Ekadashi) of the bright half of Magshar month (Magshar Sud 11) is the best, excellent, auspicious day on which you should do all the aradhana observing Maun – Chovihar Upavas – Tap-Jaap -Conduct all the rites related to this day.” He also explained the significance of this day and narrated the story of Suvrat Sheth.

Significance of Maun Ekadashi :

On this day of Magshar Sud Ekadashi -
1) 18th Tirthankar Bhagwan Shri Aranath Swami -   Diksha Kalyanak - 

Bhagwan was a Chakravarti Samrat (King) who renounced the world and took diksha to become a sadhu on this day.

2) 19th Tirthankar Bhagwan Shri Mallinath Swami – Janma, Diksha and Keval Gyan Kalyanak  

was born, renounced the world to become a sadhu and attained Kevalgyan on this day.

3) 21st Tirthankar Bhagwan Shri Naminath Swami – Kevalgyan Kalyanak

attained Kevalgyan on this day.


Thus 5 Kalyanak of the three Tirthankar Bhagwan from Bharat Kshetra of Jambu Dweep, are observed on this day.


Similarly 5 Kalyanak of the three Tirthankar Bhagwan from Airavat Kshetra of Jambu Dweep,


Similarly from Ghakti Khand - 5 each from Purva Bharat Kshetra, Paschim Bharat Kshetra, Purva Airavat Kshetra and Paschim Airavat Kshetra.

Similarly from Pushkarwar Dweep - 5 each from Purva Bharat Kshetra, Paschim Bharat Kshetra, Purva Airavat Kshetra and Paschim Airavat Kshetra.


 [       ( 5 kalyanaks in 5 Bharatkshetras comes up to 25 Kalyanak and 25 Kaylanak in the 5 Airavtkshetras  =  50 Kalyanak in all the Kshetras.


( 10 from Jambu Dweep, 20 from Ghatki Khand, 20 from PushkarwarDweep = 50 Kalyanak)   ]

50 Kalyanak for the past, present and future Chauvishi gives us 150 Kalyanaks (50 x3).

90 Bhagwan’s 150 Kalyanak.

Any dharma aradhana performed with Sudha Vidhi on this day is multifold 150 times, and will do Karma Nirjara leading to Moksh.

It is said that at the moment the Kalyanak of Tirthankara Bhagwan, even the Jeev in Narak feels happiness and relieved from the pain, misery and unhappiness for a moment. Whole world experiences a wave of happiness during the auspicious moments of the Kalyanak.


On this day the following religious activities are done : 

A Chauvihar Upavas is observed in Paushadh with Maun 

150 Navkarvali - one mala of each Kalyanak pad,

Dev Vandan


Aradhana to be done at home.


"Silence Is Golden"  

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VP & Co-VP of Religious Programs
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