***Looking for Performers for Mahavir Nirvan Day NOV 14th***

JCNC Cultural


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***** Registration for performances for Mahavir Nirvan Day on 14th Nov *****

NOTE: Suggested themes for this program: Reduce/Eliminate our desire for Money or Possessions through Aparigraha, Dan Dharm, Varshidan,  Sadharmic bhakti, Anukampa   Daan, etc. ~ Benefits of different Mantras ~ Shri Mahavir Prabhu ~ Shri Gautam Prabhu ~ Any messages related to Jainism.


To celebrate Diwali, we are humbly requesting your participation. We are requesting your HELP to prepare either a Drama, Skit, Animation, or a Dance based on one of the suggested themes to deliver special messages.

Ravi Shah
(714) 868 - 2493
VP Cultural Department,
Jain Center of Northern California(JCNC)