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We are requesting self-nomination from the JCNC community for appointment as one of the three JAINA Directors from JCNC per qualification and eligibility requirements as outlined below.


Please click to fill and submit this Online Form with a statement in 200 words or less and your picture by 8pm February 2, 2021. JCNC-JAINA Director Nomination Committee reserves the right to invalidate the nomination in case of incorrect, incomplete, or illegible entries.


Each Center appoints one, two or three JAINA Directors. Three JAINA directors are appointed by JCNC. The appointed JAINA directors shall serve for a term of 2 years. Term period for this nomination shall be April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2023.


Please contact JCNC-JAINA Director nomination committee at elections@... for any questions.



JCNC Qualification and Eligibility requirements for appointment as JAINA Director:

Any JCNC life member or qualified benefactor who is twenty-one (21) years of age or older, in good standing and being of sound mind and body to perform the duties of the Director position, may run for election to a JAINA Director position.  The nominee must have previously served on JCNC BOD or EC for a minimum of two years.


Per JAINA By-laws, the nominee should be local and should live within 60 miles radius of JCNC to be eligible to be JAINA director.


Some of JAINA meetings are expected to be attended by JAINA directors in person. JCNC/JAINA does not provide any financial support for the nominee to attend JAINA meetings. Nominees for JAINA director should be willing to take care of any such expenses himself/herself.


Roles/responsibilities of JCNC Appointee as JAINA Director:

  1. Representing JCNC at JAINA.
  2. Updating at least 2 times a year on the activities, programs and events that would benefit the membership.
  3. Promoting at JCNC jointly with EC applicable programs and initiatives which will directly benefit the membership.
  4. Present to the EC any good practices that are available in other centers.
  5. Be actively involved with the BOD RC to invite scholars and dignitaries.
  6. Train the community Director.
  7. JCNC directors to JAINA represent JCNC BOD/EC/Community. They must have to comply with broader JCNC policies and not their personal beliefs.
  8. JCNC directors to JAINA have to actively participate in JAINA activities and have to attend 4 JAINA meetings per year.
  9. JCNC directors to JAINA have to provide updates to JCNC BOD about the details of meetings and ask for BOD guidance for any issues that don't have any set guidelines.
  10. Shall conform to the JCNC Code of Conduct and shall comply with all rights, obligations and responsibilities as outlined under these Bylaws.
  11. The JCNC director to JAINA should be local to the JCNC area.


Place of Meetings of JAINA Directors

JAINA Meetings shall be held as per policies/guidelines from JAINA.


JAINA Rules for JAINA Director:


The Board of Directors shall be the highest authority of the Federation and shall set policies and develop long term plans of the Federation. The Board will form the general body of the Federation.


Member Associations shall submit nominations for their directors to the Executive Committee of the Federation. A nominated director must be a member of the nominating Member Association and must maintain a household in the metropolitan area or within 60 miles radius of the center of activities of that Member Association.


Only one person from a family residing in the same household shall be nominated as director.


The nominated directors shall serve for a term of 2 years that begins on 1st of April of the odd calendar year and ends on the 31st of March of the next odd calendar year.


Please visit www.jaina.org for additional information such as JAINA constitution, by-laws, roles and responsibilities, policies, and guidelines.




  • JCNC-JAINA Director Nomination Committee will contact nominees after Nomination period is over to confirm nominations.
  • Confirmed Nominations will be sent to JCNC BOD and EC . If more than three nominations are received, three nominees will be selected by the majority of votes by the current JCNC BOD members.
  • If less than three nominations are received by the published deadline, the nomination committee will directly reach out to eligible and qualified JCNC community members to consider them to serve as a JAINA director.                                        

 Attached: Link to fill out the Form

Best Regards,

JCNC-JAINA Directors Nomination Committee 2021

Jyoti Vora (Chair), Biren Shah, Hetan Shah, Pravin Turakhia, Umesh Sagar, Bijal Vakil (Legal Counsel)


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