JCNC Education brings Bhaktamar Paath for JCNC Youth


Jai Jinendra!

JCNC Education is starting a summer class to teach and recite Bhaktamar Stotra to our JCNC youths. The classes will be virtual and conducted by Prashantbhai (teacher from India). This summer class will have 8 classes. Each class will cover 6 gathas. 

There will be 2 batches for this summer class - 
First batch will be held on Saturday. Second batch will be held on Sunday.

Parents are encouraged to join the kids and practice along with them.

Bhaktamar Stotra Summer class schedule - 
First day of class - June 12, 2021
Last day of class - Aug. 31, 2021
Time - 10 am onwards
Students -  Max. of  17 students for each batch

Registration - 
Please email JCNC Education or Anjuben Shah - 

For further details, please contact the education department.

Nishant Sabadra & Nayan Jain 
VP & Co-VP of Education - JCNC 2020 - 2021

Hetan Shah & Ravi Shah
VP & Co-VP Public Relations & Membership
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