JCNC Bhawan and Temple will remain closed until further notice.





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JCNC Bhavan and Temple is Closed until Shelter In Place

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Jai Jinendra,

On May 18, 2020, the Santa Clara County Public Health Officer issued an order which updated the Shelter-in-Place Order and allowed certain additional businesses and activities to resume, subject to restrictions to reduce transmission risk. However, places of worship are not allowed to reopen under the Order.

This new Order is effective Friday, May 22, 2020, and will remain in effect until the Health Officer amends or rescinds it.  In compliance with the Order, JCNC Bhawan and Temple will remain closed until further notice.

All JCNC employees will continue to remain on paid leave. During temple closure, daily religious rituals will be performed by Pujari and designated person(s). Live Streaming is available 24/7 at the link.

Please visit COVID-19 resources page at the link. We have a dedicated team of volunteers ready to provide any assistance at short notice. We have lined up various religious discourses over Zoom teleconference (Bhavana, Bhakti, Jaap, lectures, Swadhyay etc.) by our own talented members. Please visit the JCNC website for a daily schedule.

Best Regards,

Biren Shah



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