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Jai Jinendra,

Amid this pandemic suffering, with compassion to the underprivileged kids, the best way of giving back to the community is a gift of education. It’s an incredibly rewarding and life-changing experience. Some people believe that you have to be rich or have tons of time to give it back. However, that couldn’t be truer. What you need is motivation.

JAINA is very fortunate to join hands with Sarva Mangal Family Trust (SMFT) and Anekant Community Center (ACC) on this monumental project of giving a "Gift of Education." Please review the attached flow-chart, a self-explaining of the project detail on how a local Jain Center can participate. It is an excellent opportunity for Jain Centers Of Northern California ( JCNC ) to create a rapport with the community and local school districts.

1:1 Matching till June 1st 

Sarva Mangal Family Trust (SMFT) has set aside $100,000, and hence they want the commitments from Jain Organizations by June 1st

How you can participate

  • The cost of each chrome book is approximate $125. 
  • Send an email before this Saturday, to Sunil S Ranka at sranka@... with your commitment of a number of chrome books or any $ amount of your choice. 

How The Program would work

  • Based on the number of commitments, JCNC will work with local school districts to identify students. 
  • The chrome books will be distributed to local underprivileged school districts in and around of bay area.
  • Based on the commitment The School District will be identified.
  • For more details see the attached chart

Biren Shah, President
Shobha Vora, BOD Chair
Sunil Ranka, Yogesh Bapna, Kirit Bavishi JCNC JAINA Directors



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