availability of on-line JCNC shala classes

Rita Shah

JJ and Pranam everyone,

As we are aware, due to the prevailing Coronavirus situations Pathshala on-site classes are cancelled up to May 15.

In order to ensure students successfully complete remaining school year, JCNC Education Committee has decided to take advantage of technology by offering on-line pathshala (including Jain and Language Shala) classes for the rest of the school year. We will use tools such as "Google classroom". We are working with education team/volunteers and teachers/parents to enable this medium of communication, and re-start shala classes as early as possible.Teachers will be provided with 1 to 1.5 hrs of online training along with log-in information.

We highly encourage and hope all the teachers, parents and students will wholeheartedly embrace technology and help continue teaching our students and thereby make this effort a huge success. Humble request to all Senior Jain Shala, junior shala 1st and 2nd grade teachers and language shala teachers, please attend the training provided by our education team.

We know that our community is stronger. safe and healthier when we join together and support each other.

Thanks, JJ and Pranam,

Rita Shah and Nishant Sabadra,

VP and CO-VP education