Appeal for the Community Action -- Fwd from JAINA President #JAINA


Jai Jinendra,


  Please see the attached appeal for the community action from the Jaina President.   Please send emails to following livenation officers to remove Jain Idols from their club.






Best Regards,

Rajeev Jain & Rajesh Shah

VP & Co-VP Public Relations | JCNC


Date: June 30, 2020

Subject: Serious Actions Needed

Distinguished Leaders and all concerned,

We request all of you to exert pressure to compel "Live Nation Entertainment CEO Michael Rapino and Board Chairman Gregory Maffei (headquartered in Beverly Hills, California), USA” to immediately remove Jain statues, signage and other references in Foundation Room night-clubs operated by this corporation, where Alcohol, meat, and seafood is served. Please send your letter of protests to:




Other than social media, I would recommend getting the Embassies of India and the USA and U.S State Department updated on this situation so that this issue can be discussed and resolved asap on a global stage.

There are several USA cities (Anaheim, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas, New Orleans where this corporation has Jain and Hindu deities exhibited/showcased in their Foundation Room night-clubs in a very abhorrent, inappropriate, and humiliating manner. Unacceptable food and alcohol are offered in front of our idols, bar girls and visitors sit in the lap of the idols and party hats are placed on them.

Our communities all over the globe are hurt, angry, and anguished.

We have offered to take these religious statues/idols and will gladly transport them at our cost from the nightclubs to respective communities and Temples where they belong. They ( Live Nation Entertainment Inc) need to apologize to the world for their disrespect to these highly sacred idols which are marketed by them with a tagline of “Good Karma Awaits”, includes: Immerse yourself in our DEITY dancer experience; party the night away amidst the Vegas lights with these out of this world Nightlife Goddess’s; who add the perfect touch of high-class debauchery”. This “luxurious den for the city’s elite to socialize, scandalize, and sip in high style”, located on the 63rd floor of Mandalay Bay operates from five pm to three am. You can reference the attached.

This tagline was seen at their Las Vegas Casino Club and we are sure the same would be the case in other locations too.

JAINA President Mahesh Wadher and the past President of JAINA Sulekh C. Jain stressed that Pratima (statue) of Lord Mahavira and Lord Parshwanath belonged in a temple, and not to be misused or mishandled by the patrons of a night club.

Warm regards,

Mahesh Wadher
Federation Of Jain Associations in North America (JAINA)
909 376 4027