Swadyay and Weekend Shibir Schedule from 25th May to 31st May for Sakal Sangh





722 S. Main St, Milpitas CA

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Jai Aadinath,

Pranam Everyone,

We hope Everyone is safe. Stay Safe! Stay Healthy!  Stay Positive!

Let's come more closer to the Path of Jain Dharma!

By Aadinath Dada's blessings, we are bringing more inspiring programs and exciting games for our community on Jain Dharma.   

Through our small effort of swadyay and shibir sessions, we are planning to bring positive vibes, cheer optimism, exciting fun, and spiritual enlightenment finally. 

Our honorable speaker- Pdt Shri Jayeshbhai Khona will conduct interesting and informative sessions on Jain Dharma. He will conduct exciting games on Jain Dharma to make fun-filled events. Details are available in the below table.

Shri Nitul Haria and Pujari-Shri Prashantbhai Shah will conduct Jaap session.

Let's Celebrate this time with different tastes of Jain Dharma & take Dharma Laabh.

Sessions will be conducted on zoom.

                                    Schedule from 25th May to 31st May  

JCNC Cultural Team
Ravi Shah(VP of Cultural) and Sanket Shah(CO-VP of Cultural)


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