Elections 2020: Voting Instructions

JCNC Elections

Jai Jinendra, 


Please find below details on various voting methods that will be available to the registered and eligible members of JCNC for JCNC Elections 2020. Please exercise your vote. It is your membership right to vote for betterment of the JCNC Community. 

Verified Nominations for JCNC Elections 2020, as previously announced, can be found at this link.

Click here to learn about all Nominees

Eligibility criteria to vote:

As per JCNC bylaws “To be eligible to vote, a member must be in valid paid status with membership dues paid before June 1st of the same year.”


Online voting (eBallots) for JCNC Elections 2020 opened today, October 17th and will be closed on November 13th, 2020. The subject of the email ballot shall contain "Member eBallot" or "Member Spouse eBallot". 

eBallots are only sent to your JCNC registered email address - one for you as a member and one for your spouse (if the spouse name is registered with JCNC). If you, your spouse, your friends or families do not receive a eBallot and would like one,

1.    Please search for eBallots in your JCNC registered membership email. The subject of the mail shall contain "Member eBallot" or "Member Spouse eBallot".  Please search in your spam/junk mail folder as well.  Your JCNC registered membership email address may be different from your email subscribed to JCNC groups.io, where you receive other JCNC communications.

2.    Please confirm that person is a valid JCNC member with membership dues paid before June 1st, 2020 and eligible to vote per criteria specified above.

3.    If you have questions about your membership status, or membership email address or spouse information, please email pr@...

4.    The eballots will be sent to eligible membership and spouse email of record as of October 13th 9PM PST. The eballots will be sent starting from October 15th.

5.    After reviewing above points, if you still cannot find your eBallots, please update your email address at www.jcnc.org/Membership or email to PR@... and please send an email to elections@... with subject: "re: Online Ballot Request" by November 8th, 2020 providing complete membership details: Name, Address, Telephone number, Home and Email address. On verification of the membership, a special eBallot request will be sent to you.

In-Person Voting:

As per JCNC Executive Committee update, the Mahavir Nirvana Day Virtual Program is scheduled on November 14th, 2020. Due to the current situation there will NOT be in-person voting this year. We will hold a virtual (zoom) voting option after we close online voting.

Virtual Zoom Voting on November 14th from 9:00 AM – 12:00 AM PST  (Meeting details will be provided later)

Virtual Zoom Election Helpdesk on November 1st from 9:30 AM – 11:30 AM PST (Meeting details will be provided later)

Please send email to elections@... with any questions/ clarifications regarding these elections.


JCNC Elections Committee – 2020

Vipul Kothari (Chair), Kiran Shah (Co-Chair), Utpal Mehta, Pranay Shah, Giriraj Jain, Bijal Vakil(General Counsel)

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