A Message from the Election Committee

JCNC Elections

Jai Jinendra,

It has come to our notice that few members of the JCNC and contestants of the upcoming election are hosting an online event for the purpose of the election. This event is not organized, endorsed or approved by the JCNC Election committee and might not be representing all candidates. This is a private event and the views, opinions and representations made are by the organizers and not of the Election Committee.

We request all candidates and members of the community to abide by the JCNC Election policy:

I will not use any JCNC database, lists, reports, JCNC groups on social media (such as WhatsApp, FaceBook etc.), other JCNC communication channels etc. for my own personal campaign purposes to campaign;


JCNC Elections Committee - 2020

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